Boudoir photography demands skill and sensitivity. Boudoir Café photographers exemplify all of the above ~ Nikon Inc.
Some of the most creative photographers on the planet ~ Professional Photographers Magazine
Taking Boudoir Photography to a new level in the Country! ~ Rangefinder Magazine
Top Boudoir Photographers in the Country! ~ Huffington Post
This boudoir team is a pro at putting even the shyest model at ease! ~ California Wedding Magazine
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About Us

Welcome to our website/portfolio. We are thrilled you are reading this.

Just a little history. We are a new entity calling ourselves The Boudoir Café BUT we came from Cheriefoto. We loved the name The Boudoir Café and wanted to have a very special and exclusive place that only had Boudoir photography thus The Boudoir Café was born. We are proud of our Beverly Hills studio and our amazing San Francisco studio and you are welcome to shoot at either studio for your convenience. We are now very excited and pleased to inform we are opening our Las Vegas studio in November of 2014 so by the time you read this it might be open!!

We are obsessed photographers trying to always make the most amazing images EVER!  Cherie, Hedley, Lara & Teresa the lead photographers and their teams work to make award winning images every time!

Every woman that comes through our doors will leave a new woman ~ owning her womanhood, feeling sexier and really fabulous about themselves! This is not just a photo shoot. Many women tell us that this has really changed their lives. I know it might sound a bit silly, but you have to feel this experience to understand it.Be sure to book something super fun after the shoot!! You will want to go out to somewhere fabulous ~ trust me....

We love what we do and have the best team in LA, LV & SF from Makeup to Posing you have found the top guns in the industry. Nikon endorsed us as some of the best Boudoir photographers in the country and Huffington Post put us in the top 5 list!!

Looking forward to making some serious artwork out of you!!! 

We offer alot of different kinds of packaging, products and ideas etc.

The Boudoir Café Team

Los Angeles:   310•935•1000

Las Vegas:  720•264•5000

San Francisco:   408•478•8888

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